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Amiga Software

AmiDock The toolbar of AmigaOS3.9 and AmigaOS4.0.
AmigaMPEGPlayer Player for MPEG videos for the AmigaSDK (AmigaDE).
ArtecScan Driver for some SCSI-Scanners of the vendor Artec.
AmiCamedia A driver for digital cameras using the Olympus protocol.
AVL Simulation of small life forms (microbes) on the Workbench.
CGXBlanker Full-featured, very nice-looking screen blanker; supports also DPMS power-management.
DPMSManager Screen blanker, which doesn't show any fancy patterns but supports DPMS energy saving methods. Works also together with other screen blankers.
FMdriver Very powerful driver for the FrameMachine video card (made by electronic design) which also supports the PowerPC.
FMdriverVHI FrameMachine driver (PowerPC-supporting) for the FrameMachine video card; designed for the VHI system.
OpusSMBHandler ARexx-script, which expands Directory Opus Magellan to allow the access to windows network environments.
PPCjpeg Very fast JPEG-Picture Viewer (requires a PowerPC).
writepixel Small fancy demo for the AmigaSDK (AmigaDE).
Keyboard-Repair A description how to repair broken (Amiga-)keyboards.

AmigaOS Software News
Golden Image Mousepad
If you own one of those old, but really excellent optical Amiga mices from Golden Image but seach for a new mouse pad, I can provide some help: Just print this picture with a high resolution printer... ;-) Works really very well! Unfortunately I have forgotten the correct scaling factor. However, it is quite easy to find out the right dot size - especially if you still own the old (damaged) mouse pad.
Interview with me in AmigaInsider 3 (German Language) now available
The interview was made several weeks ago and covers some details about my work on ArtEffect 5, AmiDock, the Docky system and the application.library for AmigaOS 4.
If you are interested, you can find the interview in issue 3 of AmigaInsider starting on page 12 (free download using the title link).
AmigaOS 4 event in Essen, Germany
AmigaOS 4 event in Essen, Germany On 2004-05-15, an AmigaOS 4 event took place in Essen, Germany. I attended this event to meet Amiga people and to show the current results of my port of ArtEffect to AmigaOS 4.

Under the title link you can see a photo gallery of the pictures which I took in Essen.
Article about AmiDock and application.library publically available
In february 2003 I wrote an article about the features of my projects AmiDock and application.library which will be included in AmigaOS4.0 for the "Club Amiga" magazine. Amiga Inc. decided to make this article now also publically accessible for other readers.
You can access it over the title link; I hope you enjoy the reading... :-)
How to repair keyboards...
If you have a broken keyboard where one ore more keys don't respond properly, anymore, then you should read my description how to repair it in a clean way. Read more under the title link.
Unveiling OS3.9's AmiDock Easteregg... :-)
Yes - you perhaps never did expect that but AmiDock has an Easteregg, too... :)
As I do not know a not trustful person which could be used to spread around how this Easteregg is accessible by rumors, I had to describe it myself on my homepage... ;-)
If you're interested, please read on...
AmiDock OS4 screenshots available
I'm proud to present you the first in-detail screenshots of the new AmiDock I developed for AmigaOS 4. The title link will bring you to the official AmigaOS 4 website of Amiga Inc.
DPMSManager V1.23 released
Sorry. The last release didn't solve the problem completely. Also forgot to remove a 10 seconds delay used for debugging.
DPMSManager V1.22 released
This update fixes a small problem with VisualPrefs.
FMdriver 1.25 released
I'm glad to announce the availability of FMdriver V1.25 which contains some very useful enhancements. Now you can save and load several different video configurations (for example for 4:3 and 16:9), make time-lapse animations with FMRecorder. There were also a lot of minor fixes, FMdriver should be now really almost be perfect... ;-)

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