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Summary 2006 / Year 2007 greetings
English Version / Deutsche Version

Dear friends and users of my programs!

Compared to the years before, I am very late with writing my yearly summary. However, to keep a continuous chronology throughout the years, I am writing an entry in spite of the one-month delay.. :-)

The year 2006 again was a year full of events which didn't give me much time to update my homepage. Most of all, the spent time for my job didn't give me enough spare time to work on projects worth mentioning. At least I was able to find enough time to update all of my Amiga OS 4 projects by mid of 2006. Then, end of 2006, the Amiga OS 4 core develpers were able to do something, which was not believedby a lot of people, anymore: the release of the final version of Amiga OS 4 for PowerPC based Amiga computers. I have to admit that I am proud of having had the chance to contribute again my work for this remarkable operating system! A development which took several years of work, performed by a team of excellent software developers spread around the earth, finally came to a successful end. The future of the Amiga platform now depends on the availability of new hardware, on the interest of the user community and most of all on the efforts of third party software developers. Even though I have to reduce my personal efforts for the Amiga due to lack of time, I will keep my Amigas alive to being able to contribute the one or another thing to this platform.

Because of a business trip in 2006, I was able to visit China - or to be more precisely: Shanghai. In spite of my "allergy" against chinese food, I "survived" the time very well :-). I've learnt very interesting things about the chinese culture for an european guy like me. My holiday trip in August, which I've spent with two of my best friends was a good moment to "refresh my batteries" which were quite empty because of the stress in my daily job. This stress unfortunately also had caused some drawbacks for my health - for me a sign to search more moments where I can relax...

For me, such relaxing moments are not only the times where I do mountain biking or where being in vacation. No, I also can relax when developing hardware - surely for many people probably not really understandable. As I have reduced the time spent for hardware developments massively to have more time to do software developments, I have decided around end of 2006, to concentrate my efforts much more onto hardware development, again. On this page I have placed some photos and a description of some details. Even though I won't be able to immediately work on my project "QBox" again, it is my long term goal. I have big plans and want to create a computer system which has - compared to conventional approaches - a quite unusual hard- and software design. Although I haven't worked for several years on it, my thoughts quite often came back to this project to work out more details and to bring in new ideas. However, I don't want you to hope that I'll soon publish interesting results; the project will need several years of work. Don't forget that I'll have to work on the hardware design, the operating system, the drivers and the application layers. As I am a single person who only can work in his spare time, it will take quite some time until I am near the goal. Nevertheless, I will publish important milestones on my homepage.

Ok, enough from me for this time - I hope that you all are well!

Finally, in spite of the enormous delay, I wish you all a Good Year 2007!


   Stefan Robl

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