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amiga AmigaMPEGPlayer 1.02 MPEG-Video-Player (+source)
*** Amiga SDK only ***
amiga ArtecScan2alpha2 2.00a2 ArtecScan V2.00 alpha2 (11.01.2000).
Currently there is only support for A6000CPlus, AT3 and AT6...
amiga ArtecScan1.24 1.24 ArtecScan V1.24 scanner driver for the Amiga (23.09.1998). ArtecScan1_24.lha
amiga AVL 1.00 A amazing simulation of virtual life. AVL.lha
win BDMDebug 1.02 Windows based BDM Debug Tool for ColdFire CPUs.
mac ExifRenamer 2.4.0 (15) Renames digital photos according their embedded date informations. ExifRenamer.dmg
mac ExifRenamer 2.1.3 "Classic" (2010) 2.1.3 Due to popular request, I continue to provide a deprecated version of ExifRenamer (released 2010!) which is able to run on older Macs.
Please note that I cannot provide support for this version!
amiga CGXBlanker 1.25 CyberGfx-ScreenBlanker with DPMS-support. CGXBlanker.lha
watchOS CW 1 to 53 1.1.1 This native, stand-alone watchOS app allows to display the current calendar week with date information on the watch face of your Apple Watch. Additionally, it displays all calendar weeks of the current and future/past years with just one finger touch. Additionally, an iOS/iPadOS App is provided which shows a plain calendar week list where you can copy&paste a specific week information to the clipboard. CW 1 to 53 (Apple App Store)
  CloudsSF.mpg - A time lapse animation I made 1997 with self-made equipment. CloudsSF.mpg
amiga DPMSManager 1.23 CyberGfx/P96 DPMS energy saving manager. DPMSManager.lha
amiga FMdriver 1.25 FrameMachine driver, TV on WB, Videos and more... FMdriver.lha
amiga FMdriverVHI 1.25 FrameMachine VHI driver FMdriverVHI.lha
electronics GB60Board Rev. A GB60Board project files incl. demo firmware
amiga GoldenImageMousepad.png - Mousepad used by the old Golden Image Amiga-Mices. You just have to print it... GoldenImageMousepad.png
amiga OpusSMBHandler 1.0 Allows to browse through the Windows network with OpusMagellanII. OpusSMBHandler.lha
iOS Oscilyzer 1.0.0 This app is a combination of a fully functional oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer and AM/FM synthesizer and works in the audio domain (0 ... 22 kHz). Oscilyzer (Apple App Store)
amiga PPCjpeg 1.22 Very fast PowerPC JPEG viewer running under CyberGraphX or Picasso96. PPCjpeg.lha
SecondRhythms - My first song done with GarageBand. SecondRhythms.mp3
  Train.mpg - A small Test-Animation recorded with FMRecord. Train.mpg
amiga writepixel 1.05 A nice ASM-Demo showing a color-gradient with transparency (+source)
*** AmigaSDK only ***

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