The interface controllers of the QBox will be also intelligent (own CPU) and they will be able to run the drivers needed for mouse, joystick, keyboard, serial and parallel devices by themself.
The main processor no longer needs to run such drivers by using it's own cpu-time!

The following picture is the first universal interface I built for the ColdFire.
It has three 8 Bit interfaces (bidirectional), three D/A-Converters and of course some handshaking mechanisms...
The craziest thing I did with this interface was to connect all D/A-Converters to my Oscilloscope. Two converters for X- and Y-beam-movement and the third for the brightness control of the electron beam (Z-input). The result was a fascinating 256x256 pixels picture with 256 shades of green - my first video-interface... ;)
I also used the interface for a stereo-audio-output - with astonishing high quality!!

IO top view
The top view of the universal interface...

IO bottom view
...and the bottom view... ;)
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