Screenshot of FMTV
(Screenshot of FMTV)

FMdriver is a new driver system for the FrameMachine video-card from electronic-design.
It is a completely rewritten driver and it features the fastest possible access-speed to the hardware.

It is fast enough to watch television on the Workbench (GFX-Board and PPC recommended!)

The driver and the programs are included as 68k and PPC-versions to provide optimum performance.
The FMdriver archive contains several programs:

A config-program which allows the easy configuration of the Prism24-display and digi-sizes.

A small program which allows to use the FrameMachine for watching television on the WB (!!).
It also allows to configure the Prism24 so that you can watch TV over it.
You additionally have the option to make snapshots from the video and save it as image to disk via the built in "Grabbing Center":
Screenshot of the Grabbing Center
(click to enlarge)

A small tool which allows to initialize the FrameMachine with user-definable settings.
It is very useful to copy this tool into the WBStartup drawer to auto-init the FM on boot. As alternative, you can also use FMInit from Shell.

Screenshot of FMRecorder
(Screenshot of FMRecorder with a recorded anim)
(A demo MPEG-Anim (400kB) can be downloaded here.)
Record small movies directly to your harddrive!
This program is also able to playback the recorded anims and also allows to convert them into single images.

This shell-program allows to record FMMovie anims directly to harddisk (like FMRecorder does).

This shell-program is a converter from the FMMovie file format into single images (same functionality as FMRecorder, but useful for script-processing).

Image grabbed with FMGrab
(A grabbed image)

A small shell-program which allows to grab images and save them to file.

You can download FMdriver here.

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