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... Current Status Report ...

Currently, my brother and I have semester holidays.
During the study-time we both live in different student hostels so we can't be together with our equipment. This is different in our semester holidays.
We both bring our computer-configs home and put them in our "home-network"... the sick thing is, that year by year we have more computers and the room almost get to small for them... :)
But holidays are the most productive days... we both can programm hours/day without interruption by study-related things like going to the university or learning... :)))

Now I want to write in short what we doing at the moment.
My brother Christian had a lot of work in configuring our several SUN workstations with RedHat Linux, NetBSD and Solaris. We both are now sure, that NetBSD is the best coice: small, fast and stable... :)
We use the SUNs as UNIX-based systems for programs developed for X-based systems like the GNUC-crosscompiler (for my ppQBox).
Christian is also working on some fine OpenGL-stuff using his nice CyberVisionPPC GFX-board and his SGI Indigo2... :)
He also did made the GNU-C ColdFire cross-compiler work. He also works on reducing the suite to make it later work native on the "ppQBox platform"...

What I'm doing at the moment is a little bit hard to say... or perhaps not: everything!! ;)
First, I had to do some solderings on my ppQBox computer, then I made the ELF loader for the board - this has the advantage, that I now can program the ppQBox even in C!! At about the same time (I'm used to work on several projects together to not get bored... ;) )
I wrote the very powerful BDMDebugTool for debugging ColdFire programs.
You can find more about QBox related topics here.

Well, of course I'm working currently on my other projects, too.
First of all FMdriver, there is soon a much better and faster version available. Now there will be a global AmigaOS library (newframemachine.library) which will cover the complete 68k or PPC FrameMachine code for controlling the FM. This will result in smaller executables and more flexible handling of the whole FMdriver project (including the VHI-version).
On the other side there is ArtecScan, I now try to write an AM12S driver, later I hope to make the cheap AS6E work on the Amiga (yes, now I own this scanner, too!).
I did also make some changes to CGXBlanker and DPMSManager, I hope to release them also some time later.

As you can see, there is a lot to do... more about all later... :)

Room Wide
"Mission Control Center..." ;)
More about my development environment (with pictures) you can find here.

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