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ZorroII Autoconfig Card
for the "real" 100-pin Zorro-Slot

I have designed a fully working ZorroII autoconfig card to have a platform for future amiga designs such as sound cards, video digitizers and thinks like this.
The only purpose of this prototype board is to successfully autoconfig itself by using the good Amiga AutoConfig (TM) protocol.

The next thing for me to do is to create a new board which implements the whole autoconfig stuff in only one CPLD (a programmable logic device) to make it cheap and simple to reproduce.
But as always: lack of time... :((

Below is a stereoscopic view of my prototype. If you are able to see stereoscopic images, you get a perfect idea about how much wires there are.
If not, you just see two images of my board... :)


There is also a version for the A500/A1000 expansion slot (this was the first version of this design).

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