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Hardware development
... revisited end of 2006!

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End of 2006 I have started developing hardware, again. To a certain degree, I also continue my project QBox. At the moment, I am going to make my VHDL knowledge perfect to achive even very complex designs within a reasonable amount of time.

During 2006, I have bought development boards for different types of FPGAs, CPLDs, USB-controllers and ethernet-chips. I also invested into better mesauring instruments and development tools to have a good working foundation. In the meanwhile, I have made my first experiences with all mentioned components which lead to first utilizable results.
My plan is to implement and test different interfaces and mechanisms before I design a new and massively more modern version of my ppQBox (which then will be named pQBox) likely mid/end of 2007.

The pictures on this page show my latest setup which I use for different VHDL examinations in combination with an USB 2.0 HighSpeed data transmission.

More information and details will follow in due time on my homepage.

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