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CGXBlanker is a small ScreenBlanker for computers equipped with a CyberGraphics/Picasso96-supporting Gfx-Board.

The blanker currently has the following Blanker-Modules:
  • Black : just a black screen... ;)
  • Moire : the classic colorful moire-blanker
  • Forest : colorful fractal trees
  • Spiral : an incredible rotating spiral
  • Flower : a very nice blanker which draws several elliptic objects
  • Pipe : a interesting blanker which lets you fly trough a 3D pipe
  • Random : one of the blankers above is randomly chosen (except Black)

CGXBlanker also supports the DPMS energy-saving methods of modern monitors. You can enable/disable this option and control the delay before the blanker switches to the DPMS mode.

This blanker is a system-friendly commodity and you also have keyboard shortcuts for immediate blanking, immediate DPMS and quit.
The blanker settings are easy to adjust with the CGXBlankerPrefs program - this is much simplier than changing Tooltypes by hand.
Starting with V1.25, there is an ARexx port with allows the full control of CGXBlanker by external applications (for example: deactivate it before starting CDBurner-Software...)


  • supports (or better: needs) CyberGraphics or Picasso96
  • is small
  • has a prefs program with GUI
  • is fast (available for 020+ and 040+)
  • is a Commodity
  • has an ARexx interface
  • supports all three types of DPMS
  • is fully configurable
  • is systemfriendly designed
  • is freeware

Here are screenshots of the CGXBlanker blankers:
Moire This is the well-known Moire screen blanker.
Forest Here we have the Forest blanker which draws fractal trees.
Spiral The Spiral blanker swirls around and has almost hypnotic effects... ;)
Flower Only one of the thousands different variants of Flower...
Pipe The "Pipe" blanker shows a fast flight trough a 3D pipe!

You can download CGXBlanker here.

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