Amiga Software

AmiDock The toolbar of AmigaOS3.9 and AmigaOS4.0.
AmigaMPEGPlayer Player for MPEG videos for the AmigaSDK (AmigaDE).
ArtecScan Driver for some SCSI-Scanners of the vendor Artec.
AmiCamedia A driver for digital cameras using the Olympus protocol.
AVL Simulation of small life forms (microbes) on the Workbench.
CGXBlanker Full-featured, very nice-looking screen blanker; supports also DPMS power-management.
DPMSManager Screen blanker, which doesn't show any fancy patterns but supports DPMS energy saving methods. Works also together with other screen blankers.
FMdriver Very powerful driver for the FrameMachine video card (made by electronic design) which also supports the PowerPC.
FMdriverVHI FrameMachine driver (PowerPC-supporting) for the FrameMachine video card; designed for the VHI system.
OpusSMBHandler ARexx-script, which expands Directory Opus Magellan to allow the access to windows network environments.
PPCjpeg Very fast JPEG-Picture Viewer (requires a PowerPC).
writepixel Small fancy demo for the AmigaSDK (AmigaDE).
Keyboard-Repair A description how to repair broken (Amiga-)keyboards.

AmigaOS Software News
ArtecScan2.00alpha2 released
For registered users of ArtecScan: Here is now the release of the alpha2 version of the new ArtecScan2.0. It should solve several problems. Please contact me how this version works on your machine!
ArtecScan2.00alpha1 released
For registered users of ArtecScan: Here is the release of the alpha1 version of the new ArtecScan2.0. It should solve some problems with AT3 and AT6 scanners. Please contact me how this version works on your machine!
Amiga AutoConfig(TM) Card
On request, I have added an image with infos about my autoconfig card prototype.
CGXBlanker V1.21 released
There is now a prefs program with GUI and also a very nice new blanker (Flower)... Now, there are also 020+ and 040+ optimized versions included and a installer script provides easy installation.
FMdriverVHI released
Here we have a newcomer: FMdriverVHI. It is a FrameMachine driver vor the new VHI system.
ArtecScan2.00alpha released
For registered users of ArtecScan: Today I have released an alpha version of the new ArtecScan2.0! If you want to test it, you can get it on the Download Page. Please contact me how this version works on your machine!
General Information
My plan with the release dates of my projects was faulty. I didn't expect to have so much work to do in the 5th semester. Also, I was (and I still am a bit) ill. I have to excuse me some more time to all of you - the users of my programs. But I can't go on with the same speed like in the semester holidays... None of the projects is cancelled, but the global speed will be slowed down. My current plan of development looks like the following:
1. ArtecScan
2. FMdriver
3. PPCjpeg
4. CGXBlanker, ...
The development of the WizardClasses run more or less in parallel - all my programs need them.
The development of ArtecScan goes well (as far as I have the time...), now the V2.00alpha already makes a previewscan. But there is still much work to do until I can release a beta-version for all my registered users - but I'm on the right way! Here is a screengrab of my current development environment...
ArtecScan News
All users of ArtecScan: the waiting should soon be over - I'm now working with power on the new version 2.0 of ArtecScan. I think in two or three week should be the first beta available!
FMdriver V1.12 released
IFF support was added and many small bugfixes / improvements were made.
FMdriver V1.10 released
There are many improvements and new features like movie recording, grabbing-program, init-tool, non-gfx-board support, etc.

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